Everything You Should Know About Summersweet



Summer sweet or sweet pepper bush are the ornamental shrubs which have aesthetic value and have spikes of white smelling flowers. This is usually grown in landscape or as group plantings near foundations or in borders. When planted correctly with the proper technique in the right spot, clethra Summer sweet can grow easily.  They are effectively grown in especially landscapes or grouped in shady or sunny flowers borders. They are an excellent choice for giving a new look to your gardens as they are one of the few summer flowerings that bloom in heavy shades. People love and enjoy the fragrance of white summer flowers.

Cultural preferences

Soil preference 

Summer sweet can be grown easily in different range of soil types even in the clay soils. They are suitable for the moist soils, especially near the ponds and stream banks. They prefer consistent moist soil to wet acidic soil.  The best thing you can do is not allowing the soil to get completely dry out. Especially during droughts, give occasional deep soaking to the plant.


Soil PH 

Summer-sweet best grow in the acidic soils to the neutral soil which ranges from 5.0 to 7.0 PH. Generally, the PH of the soil in the gardens is range from 6.0 to 7.0.

Lighting preference 

Summer sweet is one of the few flowering shrubs of the summer which flower and grow equally in both the conditions of light and shade.

How to fertilise Summer sweet

Summer sweet is light feeders and is beneficial in fertilisation when fed lightly and slowly. Feed the Summer sweet with free type fertiliser or slow release shrub in an early spring or with organic and natural plant food.

Soil PH 

As we know that the best PH to grow the Summer sweet plant is in between 5.0 to 7.0. You need to measure the PH of the soil before planting the plant. You can easily match the acidity if the soil by soil PH tester tube. You can add pelleted limestone to make the soil more alkaline and you can also apply aluminium sulphate, soil sulphur, or cheated iron to make the soil more acidic.

How to prune a Summer sweet plant

Usually, pruning is not required in the Summer sweet plant but for new planting, the pruning can be done at the time of winter and early spring without affecting the bloom of summer. Pruning is done because it helps to rejuvenate the shrub. In the early spring when new leaves are start emerging are the best time to do pruning.

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