CSGO is a simple basic first-person shooter game. It has shown an explosive growth in the past few months for both players and viewers.

It is a multiplayer game with tons of character. It has stunning graphics, great action, strategy playing, multiplayer with lots of character and many more features. It also introduces weapon purchasing, new maps, map rotation, leaderboards, matchmaking etc. All these things make the counter strike the most favorite shooter game amongst the people. It is the only game which always gets better with its new version and has been the favorite for past two decades.

Followings things that people love about counter strike global offensive –

  • CSGO weapon skins economy –

The arms deal update in the counter strike is also one of the reasons for the huge popularity of this game. It introduces different skins and texture of the weapons and knives. People want to buy these skins to look cool and have the rarest skin or texture of their weapon and knives.

This feature doesn’t add any experience for the players. People used this to look cool and show off their luck. It basically helps to look different and unique from each other.

People are obsessed with these customize only for look cool as much as possible when they kill someone.

CSGO Gambling
CSGO Gambling

The gambling on the video games which makes the game more interesting. It might be weird to some people but this can be the norm for the players.

People gamble on unofficial websites with skins for better skins. This requires some money or skins to deposit in order to play.

People also bet on the e-sports side of counter strike where people bet on which team they think will win and websites provide several statistics in which they display the win and death ratio.

  • CSGO is fun to watch –

Counter strike global offensive is also popular for watching the game. There are thousands of viewers who watch the various players to play. It is full of fun watching the players playing.

People watch a counter strike video game because they want to improve their game and skills or they love to watch the competition. Many professional esports also watch the match to play bet on them.


The ultimate features and graphics make the counter strike the most popular and king of the first person shooter game. Its basic rules do not make trouble to understand or to play.

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