Every catering service is different from each other. There can be a difference in everything like food, services, taste, and company. You may get wildly experiences that depend on the catering company and package you choose.

Not every catering is right for your event, it all depends on your needs, list of food and what kind of service you want. You need to consider few important things like do you want a casual service yourself or an elegant table service for your guests?  And the most important your realistic budget. It can be confusing to navigate one.

Here are some important things that will make you understand the different types of catering and help you to find the right one for you 

Food truck catering 

Food truck catering is good for outdoor events or if you get some outdoor space. It is often used for small private events. They have 2-3 staff members that provide you service or food out of the window. But it gets impacted by the weather.

Fast-casual catering 

Fast-casual catering is provided by local and chain restaurants. They offer drop-off catering. If hot food service is required, they heated food before delivering and held in holding units. This service is best for quick lunch meetings, events in parks etc

Grocery catering 

Grocery catering offers deli, bakery and many other prepared food items. It can be a better alternative to fast casual catering because it has a large number of varieties of food. But you have to decide early because not all stores deliver or provide grocery catering.

mobile pizza catering
mobile pizza catering

Restaurant catering 

Restaurant catering is good when you want to host event at the nice location. Some restaurant has functions rooms and allows you to decorate the place.

Limited service catering 

Limited service catering prepares some food in advance and remaining prepared on-site and set the buffet. The menu and the number of food items depending on you.

Full-service catering 

Full-service catering act as a hub of the whole event. They set up tables, chairs, place settings and decor. There will be event chefs who will cook the food on the site. The food may be served as buffet or table service.

Mobile pizza catering 

This is a new catering service that is trending these days. They offer pizza of different flavoured and size. Mobile pizza catering is famous for a portable wood-fired pizza oven. They bake the pizza on a wood fire with natural vegetables and spices.


If you are going to host an event, the above description will help you to find the right catering in your budget. We have covered all the catering system for you.

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