What Parents Need To Know About Musical.ly?

What Parents Need To Know About Musical.ly?

Musical.ly is the social media channels which allow the musers to upload the self-created videos on their favorite audio tracks. While most of the musers make use of their smartphones to record and post videos on Musical.ly. It is gaining quite a popularity worldwide and there are already more than 200 million users of Musical.ly in which probably 60 million people are the active users.

Nowadays many of the young teenagers and tweens try to be more popular on Musical.ly by posting some interesting videos while some of the celebrities also have their accounts on Musical.ly.

Concern of parents

However, most of the teenagers are quite fond of this application, while parents have their own worries because of the online predators can target the young Musers. While you do not need to feel worried by taking some simple measures you can avoid the various complications.

Is it safe?

Using social networking sites can be a bit of risky while others may able to see your information details. But there are certain measures which you can take to avoid the unusual contents, which you do not like by changing some settings.

While you sign in Musical.ly usually all the accounts are public by default that means anybody can be able to see the profile, images, and messages of the kids. While you can turn on the privacy setting to keep it more secure.

How is it works?  

Musers need to sign up for the application using the contact number or the mail information. While you need to be at least more than 13 years of age to use musically. Once you logged in you can search out the different categories comedy, dance, sports etc., and form a video on your favorite track. You can send and share those videos with your friends on your contact list or friends on other social sites.

Is it safe for youngsters?

Musical.ly allow the teenagers above 13 only to use this application while it shows the filtered search results and has the various privacy setting features. So we can say it is safe to use Musical.ly with such functions as the protective means.

Musical.ly and live.ly


Buy Musically Likes
Buy Musically Likes

Both the application is created by the same developer but have the different uses as in Musical.ly you can record videos but in live.ly you can do live interaction with your fans and followers.

It is quite usual that parents can be worried about their children while Musical.ly is quite a reliable application while with just small adjustment you can avoid the uncertain problem that can occur in your child’s life. While if you would like to make your child become popular on Musical.ly then you can also buy Musically likes to make the creative video of your child, more popular.

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