Teacup puppies are the most adorable and cutest pets. They are so cute that even if you are not a dog lover still you want to play with them. Once you adopt a pet, you make it a family member. You need to take care of them and make sure that you keep them healthy and happy.

If you are planning to get a teacup puppy, you must know that they need an extra care and attention. The first thing you should know that teacup is not a breed. This is a name to define a small tiny puppy or dog. The weight of a puppy varies between 7 to 14 lbs and it will be grown into a small dog.

Let me tell you small puppies are completely healthy and if you take care and treat them well like larger dogs, nothing will bad happen to them. Only their small size makes them more delicate that they need certain extra care.

Here are top 6 breeds of teacup puppies that will help you to choose one


Chihuahuas are tiny small dogs with a big heart. They always trying to be your bodyguard as they have overprotective nature. When it comes to interacting and socializing, Chihuahuas are a bit shy and sometimes become aggressive. Its better you start interacting him at a young age with your family and friends.


Maltese are the perfect watchdogs. They are very active and alert that they will let you know if somebody is at the door before you hear a knock. They are very lovable.


Yorkies are the best example of great companionship and they are reliable watchdogs. They are also very active and alert. They love interacting and socializing with the people.

micro pomeranian for sale
micro pomeranian for sale

Toy poodles 

Toy poodles will give you extreme love and also they are of protective nature. They are very alert and can be your great alarm if anybody is at the door. Toy poodles are a good choice if you are in flat or an apartment.


Pomeranians are the most loyal companions and today the availability of micro pomeranian for sale is also very high. They have a strong personality which makes them fearless watchdogs. They are very curious and active. They are good at socializing if they start properly interacting at a young age.

Pomeranians can be a good choice. You can adopt a micro Pomeranian from pet shops. There are shops which keep micro Pomeranians for sale.


Get a teacup puppy and you will get an extreme amount of love and cuteness. All you need to be extra careful while handling them.

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