Learn How To Get Your Website On The First Page Of Google?

Learn How to get your website on the first page of Google?

Every website or blog writers want to land themselves on Google first page ranking. Google works with a certain algorithm, it follows some protocols set by their SEO team. It has been proven that more than 95% of people all over the globe check the pages available on the first page and rest they just ignore.

There is no magic in that, it just takes some understanding for you to know how it actually works? Why the majority of people don’t go to 2nd or 3rd page even if they provide quality contents. There are several SEO sites working to improve the ranking of websites and they promise to provide Google first page ranking within few days, all you have do is, pay some amount which they usually charge.

SEO Providers
SEO Providers

These are some following methods which you should follow to improvise:

  • Your website should be Mobile friendly. It has been visible in statistics that a maximum number of people tend to search from their mobile phones. And if your website is not mobile friendly, you will remain back from others.
  • Target spammers who will help you to improve your ranking. There are many people who charge money to advertise your website link.
  • Search for keywords which are used in top ranking sites. Use them and see the increment in your result.
  • Improve the quality of your content. Make it virtual to catch everyone’s eye. It has been noticed that a content containing picture or images gain a lot more attention than a simple plain website.

It surely takes hard work and proper dedication to get something you desire for. Many of the reputed SEO providers charge some money which is normal because nobody works for free. Several providers give the money back guarantee for the unsatisfied result. Select big subscription for the first time. You can efficiently make use of online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter to popularize your website and direct more and more traffic to your page. Also, there are SEO experts like Mason Soiza from whom you can take a lot of information and tips regarding your google rankings and how to be successful on social networks.

You can do research on keywords too, which is based on your content. It surely takes time but once you learn the trick, you can use it in future too. Many have variants of methods to set a benchmark and people are running behind it. If you are trying to make your website visible on the front page of every search engine, one thing you have noted down right now that different searching engines follow different algorithms. Focus on any one of them first then proceed further.

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