Introduction To Collecting Stamps

Introduction To Collecting Stamps

Collecting stamps is a fun, entertainment, and hobby for all age groups of people. Today collecting stamps are very popular and become the favorite pastime all around the world.

Stamps were introduced from the postal service and now people have craze to collect the different types of stamps. It not only provides you fun and pleasure but it also teaches about history, geography, culture, and art. Stamps are collected mostly by who love to know about world cultures, art, history, biography, and geography.

Here are few things to consider while collecting stamps –

Collect the finest quality of stamps –

The essential thing you need to consider while collecting stamps is to check the condition of a stamp. The condition of the stamp is the highly considerable thing. Mis-handed and badly torn stamps have no value in the market. Stamps are usually rated from poor to superb. The superb is the finest quality which means brilliant color, perfect gum, and perfect centering.

Know about stamp tongs –

Careful handling is also important to maintain the condition of the stamp. After all, stamps are a small bit of paper which needed to handle properly. The best and safest way to handle stamp by using tongs.

Make use of magnifying glasses –

Stamps are very small. While collecting stamp, it is difficult to find out all minute details through the naked eye. Making use of magnifying glasses help you to see all the details and faults of the stamp.

Magnifying glasses come in a wide range of variety of shapes and sizes. It will not only help you to see the designs better but also help you to distinguish the two stamps.

Soak the stamps –

The stamps which you found in the mailbox will not get easily removed. To remove a stamp from the envelope, you need to soak the envelopes in the cold water. After 20 minutes, the stamps will detach completely and you will notice that the stamps are floating on the surface of the water. It is the best technique to remove stamps without damaging it.

Tools which you can buy –

There are many tools which help to distinguish the two similar stamps such as perforation gauge, watermark detector etc. The perforations gauge is used to measure the number of perforations which are present in a specific space on every stamp whereas watermark detector helps to identify the watermark of the stamp which is different in every stamp.


There are the enormous amount of stamps which can instruct you about the different world cultures. There are some most expensive and rare stamps in the world which attract the stamp collectors. To know more about the expensive and valuable stamps you can go this link.

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