How To Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive

How To Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive

Every person in the world wants to look more stylish and elegant. Our clothing is the best source of showing our style to others. People want to get more attention with their looks and outfit. While it is not easy for most of the people to purchase designer clothes for themselves. Designer clothes are quite expensive and most of the people cannot afford designer wear. If you compare a normal clothing with designer wear you can find that the similar kind of fabric has been used in both the clothing but designer wear clothing have some extra features in them. You can also make your clothing look like a designer wear by applying simple steps.

Tailored Garments

In most of the ready-made clothing you are not able to check the sewing and maybe you cannot be able to find the size of clothing which fits you. While you can go to the tailor to fix all the sewing defects and make it fit according to your body fitting shape. Fitting cloth makes the wearer a better look and enhances the wearer overall personality and it is also much more comfortable to wear that’s why nobody wants to wear tight or loose clothing. Try to get the clothing which can be easily tailored or you will be not able to make changes in your clothing.

fabric trimmings
fabric trimmings

Replace the buttons with designer buttons

You can replace the ordinary plastic buttons of your clothing and apply crystal of marble buttons on it. It makes the cloth look more designer. Just by changing buttons can make quite a change in your clothing. If you are not having experience in tucking buttons you can also give this work to your tailor.

Make you dress well Ironed

The linings in the clothes which are also called silhouettes look not good. You can remove this silhouettes in your clothing by applying the iron to these clothes. By ironing a cloth also give a flavour of freshness to the wearer.

Adding some beautiful trimmers to dress

You can add some decoration accessories on your clothing to make it look more elegant and classy. You can add precious metals or some special ribbons with different kinds of the pattern which can make your simple clothing to look like a designer clothing. By applying Fabric trimming like some classical and glamorous embroidery pattern you can make your clothing look more beautiful and attractive. Just by adding some special features to your clothing and by keeping your cloth or dress in a better way you can give a better look to your clothing. Just by applying details of the clothing sense like the proper fitting of dress and avoiding unnecessary silhouettes in your dress you can make your dress look classier and elegant.

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