Today, social media has became an integral part of everyone’s daily life and a method of communication. Nowadays there are many social media applications which provide platform to the user to explore the world. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook are the most popular social media sites in the world. Millions of people are using these platforms for personal use and for specific purposes like marketing, promotions etc.

Pinterest is the fourth most popular social sites in the world and people found Pinterest unique and different from other social media platforms. It provides many different features which make easier to use and explore.

The features of Pinterest which make it different from others are 

It is more about things, less about people

The automatic focus of Pinterest fall more on the things like outdoors, recipes, places, design, quotes etc of user’s interest than the people who are posting it. It gives us an idea about people interest and desire.

Organised sets

It is organised as such to keep all your interest separate. It provides features to make boards where you can add pins as much you want. It helps to keep all things categorised and separate while in no other social media, categorisation is provided.

Evergreen content

Pinning in the Pinterest is different from uploading things in other social media because it’s not lost its importance with time. In Pinterest, you can go back to your board and add pins again related to it. This makes your content evergreen.

More appreciation and less self- promotion

As it more about things than the people who are posting them so it gives more appreciation to your work, hobbies, interest, and your desires.

Easy to find

As each and everything is categorised in the Pinterest, it makes easier to find or search anything like images, content, videos and website. It simplifies the search than any other social media.

Longer shelf life

Facebook has shelf life of 3 hours and Instagram have the shelf life of 4 hours. Though, it loses its relevance with time. While the content on the Pinterest lasts forever and have a longer shelf life.

Inbound links

Pinterest includes linking your website with each of your pin which directly takes you to the source. It is most helpful for business purpose.

Pinterest bot
Pinterest bot
  • Special features

It provides an auto pin called Pinterest bot which does the work automatically which is scheduled by the user like pinning, liking etc.


There are many reasons to use Pinterest and it provides many features that make it different from any other social media. This is one of the reasons that it became the fastest growing platform in the world.

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