An Introduction To IPTV Subscription

IPTV stands for Internet protocol television. It is a technology where television contents are delivered. It is also the safe and reliable where video programs are delivered through the broadband connection instead of cable lines and satellite.

Classification of IPTV

  • Video on demand: – Video on demand is a technology which provides subscribers a long list of videos and audios from which they can select as per their interest. You can watch and listen to a variety of movie, songs and television show. You can also download programs and view them later.
  • Live television: – Live television is the real-time presentation of the events or shows on television. Live television is not a recorded show. It includes sports program, reality program, award shows, news and scripted episodes series.

Features of IPTV

Many people don’t know about The IPTV. Hence it is important to high light its important features.

  • IPTV provides the facility to every subscriber to view their own individual broadcast.
  • Today’s distribution of television is according to the users. They can opt for whatever they want to watch and listen. Also, the two way communication can be done with the service provides at any point of time.
  • Home DVR (digital video recorder):- IPTV has lots of HD television channels. If you don’t have time for seeing your favorite shows you can record the program in your disk drive, USB drive or memory card. And can view them later.
  • Applications like live TV, game, internet, HD TV are available.
IPTV subscription
IPTV subscription

Advantages of IPTV

  • IPTV can be easily integrated with VOIP (voice over internet protocol) and high speed internet.
  • IPTV uses existing computer hence, no cable use.
  • IPTV subscriber can easily record their favorite shows, movies in their disk drive, USB drive or memory card and view them later.
  • The IPTV works with LCD, computer desktop, projector and all display devices.
  • BY choosing IPTV subscriber also get high quality HD videos.
  • The major advantage is IPTV works on both PC and mobile.
  • According to the customer group, IPTV programs storage and distribution can be adjusted.
  • You can view multiple shows.
  • It helps to create revenue for the subscriber by the way of the display advertisement.

Disadvantages of IPTV

  • There are no warranty to watch all IPTV channels without any interruptions.
  • Sometime the audio or video doesn’t match to what you listen or see.
  • Most of the IPTV technology doesn’t support HD TV programs.
  • For displaying IPTV channels the frequency range of internet has to be large.
  • Needs an IPTV set-top box for every television set.


Internet protocol television offers many features to increase television viewing experience. In the near future, IPTV subscription will be definitely part of the television.

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